CCIE Lab Shortcuts and Alias Commands

06 May 2011 - Lab-Rat

As I get closer to my lab date there’s a number of things I want to make sure I remember. At the top of that list are things that save me time, suffering and typing. Here’s a list of my favorite alias commands that I seem to have to type all the time:

Alias Commands

alias exec sr show run
alias exec sri show run | include
alias exec srb show run | begin
alias exec srs show run | sec
alias exec srint show run interface
alias exec sion show ip ospf neigh
alias exec sioi show ip ospf interface
alias exec sbs show bgp summary
alias exec sien show ip eigrp neigh
alias exec sir show ip route
alias exec sib show ip bgp
alias exec ct configure terminal
alias exec siib show ip interface brief | e unassigned

I pretty much just use the first letter of each command- that way I remember the live command in case I need it. I also add:

Line and Miscellaneous Commands

no ip domain lookup
line console 0
logging sync
length 0

TCL Script

Tickle is your friend, there’s no easier way to ping a bunch of IPs. I usually add the IP addresses in a notepad text file as I configure them on the lab- or you can use a SIIB (see above) and pull them off a live router for the all important universal connectivity test.

foreach ip {} {ping $ip}

More odds and ends