MPLS Commands and Configuration

03 May 2011 - Lab-Rat

To enable mpls switching:

r1(config-if)# mpls ip

To change the RID (default is high loopback):

r1(config)# mpls ldp router-id interface force

Use the physical interface IP for connection:

r1(config-if)#mpls ldp discovery transport-address interface

To set the range of labels used by router:

r1(config)# mpls label range 2000 2999

To switch protocols (ldp is default standard):

r1(config)# mpls label protocol tdp

Enable all OSPF interfaces to use MPLS

r1(config-router)# mpls ldp autoconfig

To authenticate:

r1(config)# mpls ldp neighbor x.x.x.x password somepass !x.x.x.x is the RID. To make it mandatory:
r1(config)# mpls ldp password required

MPLS show commands

r1# show mpls interface - shows interfaces with mpls enabled

r1#show mpls ldp neighbor - shows neighbors, and bound address

r1#show mpls discovery - shows if interfaces are sending discovery hello messages, and ldp router-id

r1#show mpls forwarding-table - shows the label forwarding information base

Additional Reading:

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