A rat, a mouse


Q: Who are you?
A: The head Lab Rat is an IT professional with about 20 years of experience, mostly server based, until recently. Picked up the usual alphabet (BS,MCT, MCSE, A+, etc). About a year ago the company I worked for went bankrupt (lousy economy) and I decided to crack a few books on the networking side of the house. It had always seemed like black magic and voodoo. So I picked up my CCENT, CCNA, and CCNP. I passed the CCIE R&S written, and I’m currently studying for the lab.

Q: What is the blog about?
A: This is blog is basically my study notes for the CCIE R&S Lab. As I come across items that I need clarification on, or good tips and hints to make configuration easier and faster, I drop it here. What it is not is a start to finish CCIE study resource. You won’t find lots of explanations on why things work the way they do. If you’re just starting out, check out my How to Study for the R&S CCIE.

Q: I found a mistake! You’re Wrong! The blog’s on fire!
A: Let me know through the contact page.

Q: What’s with the rats?
A: We’re just having some fun; labs have test rats…the CCIE lab has ….us…well you get it. The alternative would have been real pictures of pasty faced router geeks with pocket protectors… shudder. We’ll take rats any day.